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Friday, 29 July 2011

Batts and Fibre

So last weekend we had a family outing to Fibre East - Shelley, Emily and me went early and did a Batt course with Jill, then Sue, Pat, Nanny, her friend and Alice all joined us to wander around, watch sheep being sheared and buy stuff!
The batt workshop was great, getting ideas about colour, blending fibres, making batts on a theme and accidentally putting a deposit on a drum carder!?
Then we wandered around and bought lots of fibre, most of it for me to spin for Emily, but some from picperfic for me to spin for me!
Here are some pictures of the batts and the finished sample skeins - I guess my first art yarn!
Bad Day on the Motorway (complete with cars!)
bad day on the motorway 2bad day on the motorwaybad day on the motorway 4bad day on the motorway 3
Walk in the woods - think winter time
walk in the woods 5walk in the woods progresswalk in the woods  2walk in the woods 4
Then some lovely dyed fibre from Picperic - whose stuff I used for GTs shawl during the spintelligence course;
Twinkle - 70% superwash merino and 30% trilobal nylon - for Emily, two skeins
twinkle picperfic 2twinkle picperfic
Susie - 75% organic merino, 25% mulberry silk - 3 skeins, probably for me
susie picperfic

I will do another post soon to show all the natural, undyed stuff we also bought, including some fleece that needs washing and scouring - looks like I am getting a stash fit for a busy winter!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Spinning update

So its been ages since I posted last and I have been spinning lots, but just keep forgetting to keep things updated - so here is a quick whistle stop tour of what I have been doing recently.

On herbie;
"Evening Lights" world of wool merino and silk blend bumble bee, and charcoal merino.
513 metres, 215 grams, 16 wpi, (largest on small whorl)
green & blacksgreen & blacks 3green & blacks 2
"Midnight Blue" world of wool merino blend and plain black. 153 metres, 165 grams, 10 wpi, (smallest on large whorl)
black & blueblack & blue 2
"Shetland Greens" 100% shetland from knit studio newcastle, maker sue's crafts for enthusiasts. 171 metres, 100 grams, 14 wpi. (largest on small whorl) fractal spun.
shetland green yarnshetland greens

On spindles;
"charcoal gleams" wool and nylon mix for socks. singles spun on spindle, plied on ashford. 267 metres, 101 grams, 17 wpi
nylon and wool 2 plynylon and wool 2
"Seaside pebbles" Some single colour merino I carded and spindle spun a while ago, 95 grams, 13 wpi
carded mixcarded mix 2

Current WIP;
mini trindle, aiming for lace weight 2 ply, 20 grams sample of BFL in gothic colourway from Freyalyn's Fibres.
mini trindlemini trindle 2

Soon to come will be the Tour de Fleece, where I am competing for the spinnotts team, and the aim is to spin everyday of the tour, with challenges on specific days.

As a leaving picture - here is my current spindle family, including the new steampunk spindle from Knit in Nottingham, made by and my two trindles from trindleman on etsy - but the mini trindle is not in the family shot!
spindle familyspindle family again

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Spun loveliness blocking

So pleased with this! I've weighed what's left - have 35, so presumably I used 65g in the shawl (but it's wet and blocking, so can't weigh it now).

maia blocking

See the lovely texture!
maia texture

maia texture detailmaia lace and texture detailmaia stitch detail

See the lace!
maia lace detail

maia wingmaia edge detail

I'm really pleased with it, and think that GT will love it. Enough left for me to make a little cowl for me...

Friday, 3 June 2011

Using the spun loveliness

Just a quicky to show you how the Maia is going - I'm loving the yarn Clare spun!

GT's shawl WIP

Isn't it a great pattern?

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A couple of FOs and a new WIP

Barb and I agreed to do the knitalong for Roxanne Mystery Shawl by Feministy and I decided to do it in Fleece artist sea wool, which I'd bought from Purlescence, in the colour 'earth'. It meant I was a bit short on yardage, but I just felt it would work.
Here's the start:  roxanne mystery start-up

And here's the finish:

roxanne 1
roxanne 2

The blocking wasn't ideal - did it in this 'log cabin' in Scotland we stayed in for a week around Clare's Etape Caledonia bike race (81 miles in highland Perthshire). It was LOVELY! We had a hot tub on the balcony to sit in and toast the race afterwards (and perhaps get just a little - um - tired and emotional). Anyway, so the stripy towel - not so good for the pics!

We did a lot of driving and I cast on for another shawl - this time Taygete, by Romi. I'd thought I might, and so had yarn for it with me - the remains of the red Colinette Jitterbug I had from the millshop and used for Audrey in Unst, and some deep teal in the same. I'm really pleased with it!

Taygete falling 1
Taygete flat
Taygete onTaygete detail

And the WIP - well I only have pics of Clare's element - the spinning. It's yarn from her Spintelligence spinning club. The fibre came from Picperfic and is 50% 18.5micron superfine merino, 30% cashmere and 20% silk - so soft! Minniemoll has pics of her fibre and what she spun here for those of you on Ravelry.

GT yarn 1GT yarn 3
GT yarn 2

I'm using it for another of Romi's 7 small Shawls - Maia. This yarn is much lighter weight, a laceweight single. I think it'll work out really well.

The lovely MissFee!

The lovely Miss Fee sent me a present! It arrived while we were in Scotland, and though we've been back a week, our neighbour was then away so I've only just received the package. I knew I was getting a Folca box, because when Fee talked about them and I cheekily liked the orange - she said she'd send me one!

Being Fee - she generously sent me two different purple yarns too! How exciting :-)

The circle of varied colour yarn is Margaret Stove laceweight, and the other is Welsh Wool, also a laceweight twoply, slightly heavier than the other.
Missfee pressies 2

I've filled the little boxes within boxes.
Missfee pressies 1

See how neat it is! It opens out, and then folds back in, and safely stores all those lovely little tchotchkes!
folca 3folca 2folca 1